My name is Tim Cone. I am a Songwriter, Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician and a sojourner living for the day that I see the face of Jesus.

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Frequently I get hits on my site from people searching google for the writer/chord charts of the songs “Shine Lord, Shine/He’s Like”, “You Are My Rock”, and “I’ll Praise You Now”. Well, you have found the right place! Here’s just a little history on those songs.

  • Shine Lord Shine/He’s Like

I co-wrote Shine Lord Shine/He’s Like with an awesome friend named Joy (Maves) Salvatore. We were doing a worship set back in 2008 and I started singing the Shine Lord Shine/Send Your Glory choruses. Right after this, Joy nodded at me that she had something to sing spontaneously. She went 3 minutes singing about the Person of the Holy Spirit and then ended with the chorus “He’s like wind, He’s like rain, He’s like fire, He’s like oil.” At the end I tagged on a double chorus that goes “come and blow over me, shower over me, Lord consume me and wash over me”.

  • You Are My Rock

This song was written back in 2007 and is another co-write with  Joy (Maves) Salvatore. For a season we were singing through the passage Psalm 18 during some worship sets while we were on my friend Ron Downing’s worship team. Matt Candler was leading us through it and we just built this song off of some of the choruses that came from these worship sets!

  • I’ll Praise You Now

I wrote this song back in 2007. That summer I took my first trip outside the USA and literally went around the world. My first stop was South Korea with a friend named Derek Loux. I was there about 4 days and then continued flying eastward all the way over to Egypt. I spent about 2 weeks there and got really sick with Typhoid Fever. When I came back to the States I ended up having to fly back to Tennessee so that I could get treated. This process took about 3 months before I could finally fly back to Kansas City and continue with my ministry duties there.  It was in this 3 month period that this song came forth. This particular situation had me thinking “God, even though my body is in pain right now, I choose to praise You.” So from that little phrase came the song. I sat down and just started playing my guitar and wrote it in 5 minutes.

If You would like chord charts for these songs please contact me and I will send them to you. Also, please check out more music that I have been working on with a friend named David May. We are working to write corporate worship songs and then give them away. The goal is to supply worship leaders of local churches with songs for their congregations. For more on this, go to